Our Story


(L-R): Gibson, Colleen and Erika at Liverpool Farm

In the spring of 2014, Colleen Puckett and Erika Flory were invited to watch the annual sheep shearing at the farm of Colleen’s stepbrother in Liverpool, Pa. After watching the master shearer free 10 Shetland sheep of their wool, Erika and Colleen were offered their pick of fleeces. They carefully chose three, of very different colors, and headed home to Philadelphia in a car ripe with the smell of sheep and lanolin. On the drive home, they researched local fiber mills and found Sweitzer’s Countryside Mill just south of York, Pa.

That summer, Colleen and Erika saw their Shetland yarn for the first time. They fell in love with its soft natural colors, its springiness, its remarkable stitch definition and its durability--all the qualities for which Shetland wool is prized. 

Liverpool Yarns was born from those three fleeces and a desire to share these distinctive yarns with fiber lovers everywhere. 

Erika and Colleen’s experiences in textiles, retail, knitwear design, marketing and many years of knitting continue to inform the development of Liverpool Yarns’ full line of natural, 100% Shetland yarns.