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We offer a full complement of undyed, naturally colored 100% Shetland wool yarns in chunky, fingering and worsted weights. Our worsted-spun yarn has a soft hand with good stitch definition while retaining a rustic look.

Our yarns are a 50/50 blend of farm fleece from our original flock of Shetland sheep in Liverpool, Pa., and 100% Shetland top from the UK. Most of the veg matter is mechanically removed as the fleeces are carded and processed. Any remaining bits that linger are a little reminder of the sheep in their pastures.

Shetland sheep are known for their range of colors and, amazingly, an individual sheep can change its fleece color year to year. After the shearing each spring, we combine fleeces to create one-of-a-kind colorways, all natural and undyed. It's hard to beat Mother Nature!